The Parenting Core Track

Love. Connection. Tools. | taught by Brittney Serpell

Course description

Children are powerful. In a world where parents are taught to control their children through external rules and punishments, Jesus points to a better way—the way of teaching children to be governed from the inside through the law of love. Find the tools you need to partner with God in seeing the children around you live full and empowered lives.

Brittney Serpell
Brittney Serpell
Director of Development Loving on Purpose

Brittney Serpell is the Director of Development and a speaker for Loving on Purpose. She has the heart and passion to see the lives of families, relationships, and leaders impacted by the power of good communication and relational skills. She’s married and has three children. One of her many talents is bringing the teaching Loving Our Kids On Purpose to the church and community. She is a master communicator like her father Danny Silk, author of Loving Our Kids On Purpose. She has a wealth of knowledge, beyond her age, having been raised up in the Silk household. Brittney is also a certified parent educator through the Love and Logic Institute.